Golden-breasted starling

Cosmopsarus regius

The golden-breasted starling is a common passerine native to Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia and Tanzania.

Golden-breasted starling behavior and facts

  • In addition to its golden breast and belly, this striking starling has iridescent blue wings, a green head and a violet throat.
  • It is primarily insectivorous.
  • It frequents open bush in arid and semi-arid habitats.

From birth to death

  • Golden-breasted starlings make their nests in abandoned holes made by barbets or woodpeckers.
  • They are known to line their nests with shed snake skins, felted hair and dried grass
  • Multiple adults work cooperatively to raise each others chicks.
  • Clutch: 3 to 4 eggs


IUCN least concern

Golden-breasted starlings, the Oregon Zoo and you

The zoo's golden-breasted starlings live in the Howard Vollum Aviary exhibit.