Oriole warbler

Hypergerus atriceps

The oriole warbler is a passerine bird of Western and Central Africa.

Oriole warbler behavior and facts

  • This species, also known as the moho, is an old-world warbler. Its name reflects its resemblance in coloration and form to the unrelated orioles.
  • The oriole warbler inhabits forests and the forest edge.
  • It is insectivorous, preying primarily on grasshoppers and ants. 
  • Males and females sing in association with one another.

From birth to death

  • Adults build a large nest suspended from palm leaves.
  • Clutch: 2 eggs


IUCN least concern

Oriole warblers, the Oregon Zoo and you

The zoo's oriole warblers live in the Howard Vollum Aviary exhibit.