Southern masked weaver

Ploceus velatus

The southern masked weaver is a common passerine bird native to Southern Africa.

Southern masked weaver behavior and facts

  • The southern masked weaver is found in a variety of habitats including shrubland, savanna, grassland, open woodland, inland wetlands, semi-desert areas, suburban gardens and parks.
  • It feeds on insects, seeds and nectar.

From birth to death

  • Weavers create a globe-shaped nest by weaving, knotting and stitching grasses together. These hanging globes help weavers evade predators.
  • They are capable of tying complex knots such as the half-hitch, overhand and slipknot.
  • Female weavers prefer nests made from new material.
  • Clutch: 2-5 eggs


IUCN least concern

Southern masked weavers, the Oregon Zoo and you

The zoo's southern masked weavers live in the Howard Vollum Aviary exhibit.