Violet-backed starling

Cinnyricinclus leucogaster

The violet-backed starling is a common passerine native to sub-Saharan Africa.

Violet-backed starling behavior and facts

  • Violet-backed starlings are also known as amethyst starlings.
  • They prefer open woodland areas and riverine forest, and move frequently to areas with the most abundant fruit.
  • Fruit and insects are the most important foods for this species.
  • These starlings exhibit strong sexual dimorphism; males are brilliantly colored while females appear comparatively drab.

From birth to death

  • Violet-backed starlings nest in hollow trees.
  • Leaves and dry dung are commonly utilized nesting materials.
  • Clutch: 3 eggs


IUCN least concern

Violet-backed starlings, the Oregon Zoo and you

The zoo's violet-backed starlings live in the Howard Vollum Aviary exhibit.