Field trips

Bring your students to the Oregon Zoo for an outdoor adventure that will ignite their imagination and build on classroom learning. The information on this page is designed to make the best experiences for you, your chaperones, and your students.

How to Reserve Your Field Trip

Follow the steps below to schedule your field trip experience. If you have questions, please contact 503-226-1567 for further assistance or view our FAQs.

Step 1: Meet the criteria

Ensure that your group meets our school group rate criteria and qualifies for our school group rate.

School group rate criteria

  • Any accredited public or private school, preschool through 12th grade, state-registered daycare or homeschool group from Oregon or Washington
  • Tickets are purchased at least two weeks in advance of your chosen date
  • Minimum group size is nine participants
  • Maintain a minimum ratio of 1 adult chaperone for every eight students
  • Commit to chaperoning students at all times while on the zoo grounds

School group rates

  • Ticket prices are $3/person (July – February); $4/person (March – June)
  • Chaperones pay the same rate as students
  • The zoo recommends buying the minimum amount of tickets in advance. If needed, additional tickes can be purchased on the day of your visit.
  • Membership benefits cannot be used for school group admission.

Step 2:  Choose a date for your visit

The zoo is open every day, except Christmas. Field trips are welcome during regular zoo hours.

Step 3: Reserve your field trip date

Click here to make reservations for your school group. You will be guided through the registration process, including payment options, using the zoo's online registration system. You will receive a confirmation email once your registration is complete. PLEASE NOTE: Orders not paid within one week of your reservation date will be cancelled.

Step 4: Receive tickets

The zoo Admission Office will mail your tickets within two weeks of the date or order to the address indicated on your registration form.

Step 5: Read your Field Trip Information Guide

This guide contains important information about your field trip including emergency information and FAQs.

Step 6: Choose a fun age-appropriate chaperone activity guide.

These fun-filled guides are a great way to enhance your students' experience at the Zoo. Use the map included in each guide to chart your Zoo adventure.

Step 7: Print and distribute important information for bus drivers.


Step 8: Enhance your visit by selecting a Zoo School class.

These grade-specific, themed animal presentations offer kids hands-on learning experiences while addressing core academic standards. An extra fee applies to these programs.