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When you walk through the gates and hear the roar of a lion, you know you've arrived at the zoo. But when you picture a local community center, school or natural space, do you see the zoo's impact?

Conservation, wildlife and community service form the fabric of the Oregon Zoo's outreach programs, which include heading into our surrounding communities with educational programs for children of all ages. Last year, 30 teen interns in the Zoo Animal Presenter program brought conservation education to more than 12,000 people in our region. Teams of volunteers visited more than 4,500 retirees in senior centers throughout the area, bringing animals and inspiration to people who otherwise wouldn't be able to access the zoo.

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The Oregon Zoo's decade-long recovery effort has helped preserve and protect the highly endangered California condor. By supporting the Oregon Zoo, you are supporting conservation efforts around the world.
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Today's campers are tomorrow's conservation leaders. By supporting the Oregon Zoo and its Urban Nature Overnight program, you are making an investment in the future of our natural world.
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