Help protect Oregon's imperiled wildilfe

Encourage Oregon lawmakers to co-sponsor the Recovering America's Wildlife Act

In Oregon — as in most states — wildlife management funding comes from hunting and fishing license fees, and is spent on managing species that are hunted or fished.

Yet 88 percent of Oregon's species are considered non-game, and so receive just 2 percent of that funding. Conservation organizations like the Oregon Zoo help make up for the lack of state resources to protect wildlife, but these efforts are insufficient to safeguard imperiled species and habitats.

In 2016, the bipartisan Recovering America's Wildlife Act was introduced in Congress. It would provide $1.3 billion annually for wildlife conservation by reallocating a small portion of existing fees on energy and mineral development. The money would be distributed to states to support non-game species programs.

We've asked our Congressional delegation to support this legislation, and you can too!

Please take a moment to send a friendly email to Oregon lawmakers, expressing your support for this effort to protect wildlife.

Key messages:

As an Oregonian and wildlife advocate, I would like to voice my support for the Recovering America's Wildlife Act, which will help secure a permanent source of funding to protect species in greatest need of conservation action.

State fish and wildlife agencies have identified 12,000 species in greatest need for conservation action, yet there is no dedicated stream of conservation funds for the thousands of wildlife species that aren't hunted or fished.

All Oregonians are affected by this lack of funding. Often, no conservation action is taken until a species is listed under the Endangered Species Act. By then, recovery becomes more challenging and costly, with more severe human impacts.

The Recovering America's Wildlife Act would provide $1.3 billion annually in energy and mineral development revenue for wildlife conservation in the United States. The funds would be distributed to states largely to support underfunded non-game species programs.

A coalition of diverse interests — including energy sector, outdoor recreation and wildlife conservation — agreed that this approach would mutually benefit America's industries and agencies, as well as our shared fish, wildlife, and economic heritage.

Today, this investment is more important than ever. The Recovering America's Wildlife Act is a potential game-changer for Oregon's people and wildlife.

Copy and paste from the key messages, or write your own. Your message will be sent to Congressman Schrader, Congresswoman Bonamici, Congressman Blumenauer, Congressman Walden, Congressman DeFazio, Senator Merkley and Senator Wyden.