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Citizens' oversight group praises zoo bond implementation

The Oregon Zoo continues to deliver on promises made in 2008, when the region's voters approved a $125 million zoo bond measure promoting animal welfare and sustainability, a citizen-oversight group reports.

At a meeting of the Metro Council yesterday, the Oregon Zoo Bond Citizens' Oversight Committee commended Metro and zoo staff for their effectiveness in implementing a host of projects funded by the community-supported bond measure as well as for its responsiveness in addressing committee recommendations and questions.

Zoo vet, keepers help condor chick break out of shell

It's been a busy week at the Oregon Zoo's Jonsson Center for Wildlife Conservation. The first California condor chick of 2014 arrived Tuesday with quite a commotion — nearly jumping out of its eggshell and loudly announcing its presence to the world. The second chick — which hatched yesterday — arrived quietly and needed a little help.
Zookeepers and veterinarians performed an emergency assisted hatch, helping the little bird out of its egg and into the world by carefully snipping open sections of the shell. The chick had become stuck in the wrong position for hatching, unable to move inside its shell, and would not have survived without the intervention.

Tiny, loudmouthed condor chick is first hatch of season

The first California condor chick of the season hatched this morning at the Oregon Zoo's Jonsson Center for Wildlife Conservation, and keepers say the young bird appears healthy, loud and full of fight — traits that could serve it well once it grows large enough for release into the wild. The chick, whose parents are Malibu and Maluk, chipped its way out of its shell around 8 a.m. while inside an incubator at the Jonsson Center. The March 18 hatch date is the earliest since the zoo started breeding the critically endangered birds in 2003.

Zoo-assisted project aims to keep condors unleaded

High on a cliff face in Big Sur, condor No. 340 — the first of 26 Oregon Zoo-hatched California condors to be released in the wild since 2005 — perches with his wild-fledged mate. If the pair is successful, this will be the first year they raise a chick together. They almost didn't get the chance. In January, the pair was at the Los Angeles Zoo undergoing chelation therapy — a chemo-like treatment for lead poisoning. It was the sixth lead-related hospital visit for No. 340, whose pre-release name, Kun-Wak-Shun, means thunder and lightning.

Tori Amos to play Oregon Zoo in July, tickets on sale Friday

Tori Amos built her résumé from relentless musical curiosity. She's been nominated for Grammys, MTV Video Music Awards, German classical music honors and British theater accolades. For more than two decades she's written with beautiful, and sometimes brutal, honesty.

True grit: Zoo searches world for perfect 'elephant sand'

When Rose-Tu, Lily and the rest of Portland's elephant family ambled into a portion of their new digs at the Oregon Zoo this week, they were taking a big step into history — and, as it turns out, into a yard filled four feet deep with sand.

Giant steps: Big milestone for zoo Elephant Lands project

Construction of the $57 million Elephant Lands, the most ambitious project in Oregon Zoo history, reached a milestone Feb. 21, as crews completed work on what's now known as the Encounter Habitat, a sandy field in the southern portion of the habitat, adjacent to the zoo concert lawn.

Orphaned cougar cubs moving on after 6-week stay at zoo

Last week, while the Oregon Zoo's three African lion cubs took a snowy star turn on Good Morning America, another lion cub trio was purring away in private, camped out behind the scenes at the zoo's veterinary medical center. Three young mountain lions — orphaned in eastern Oregon last month when their mother was shot by a hunter — have been growing up out of the limelight, under the watchful care of zoo veterinary staff and keepers.