Zoo celebrates life of cherished volunteer Nancy Parr

August 27, 2012 - 10:20am

With sadness the Oregon Zoo says goodbye to longtime ZooGuide Nancy Parr, who died August 19, 2012.

Nancy volunteered at the zoo over the last 20 years, helping with nearly every program from Head Start to concerts. In 2003 she received the Packy Award. Nancy was often found at the Pygmy Goat Barn hanging out with "her boys." She even set a record for most ZooLights nights in a year and became an honorary ZooTeen in recognition of the time she spent in the Family Farm during the event that year. Nancy's big heart and dry humor will both be much missed.

She was a compassionate individual who supported the zoo with her own style and passion. The zoo was not the only recipient of her time and energies, she was also passionate about Dove Lewis, Animal Aide, Loaves and Fishes and many other organizations. We are all lucky Nancy chose us to be part of her extended family.