Pachyderm Pending blog: what to expect

November 9, 2012 - 11:28am

In case you haven't heard... we're expecting!

Asian elephant Rose-Tu is due to give birth to her second calf any day now. Here's what you should know:

Who are the parents?

Baby's mother is Rose-Tu. Baby’s father is Tusko. He is our 40-year old bull and the heaviest at 13,000 pounds. The older brother is 4-year-old Samudra.

When is the due date?

We don’t have a precise date, but Rose-Tu is due to give birth anytime between now and January.

How long is the pregnancy?

Elephant pregnancies last about 20-22 months, the longest of any mammal on the planet.

How much will the baby weigh?

The new baby will weigh 175-300 lbs.

Will it be a boy or girl?

We won’t know until the baby is born. 

Where will the baby live?

The baby will live here at the zoo and will grow up as part of our elephant herd.

Have you picked out the baby's name?

Elephant keepers have created a list of names that will be voted on by the public online.

How many elephants have born born at the Oregon Zoo?

There have been 27 elephant births at the Oregon Zoo starting with Packy in 1962. 

Can I watch the birth?

Our animal staff will provide Rose-Tu and the elephant herd privacy and calm during labor and delivery, so there will not be public viewing of the birth.

When can I visit?

Animal staff will determine when mom and baby are ready for visitors. They will make sure mother and baby are bonding and that baby is nursing, sleeping and playing. When this happens, the zoo will announce visiting hours. Watch for announcements on local news stations, the zoo web site, Facebook page and on Twitter.