Junior Grange Kids make donation to zoo's family farm

June 21, 2013 - 4:59pm

Gift will support zoo's educational efforts surrounding Oregon's agricultural heritage

Before visiting the Oregon Zoo's Trillium Creek Family Farm on Thursday, 15 Oregon State Junior Grangers, ages 5 to 14, presented a donation of $1,366 to the Oregon Zoo Foundation to support the zoo's activities and educational efforts.

The kids secured contributions from both inside and outside the Grange community to help the zoo's Family Farm raise awareness about agriculture. Zoo deputy director Chris Pfefferkorn and several ZooTeens were on hand to accept the check, along with other staff and volunteers.

"We're very grateful to the Junior Grange," said Amanda Greenvoss, the zoo's youth volunteer coordinator. "The Family Farm is a great way for visitors to learn about Oregon's agricultural heritage, and this donation will help support that. The timing is pretty neat too. The Junior Grange is celebrating its 125th anniversary this year and so is the Oregon Zoo."

State Grange president Susan Noah said the Junior Grangers made the trip to the zoo as their fieldtrip during the 140th Annual Oregon State Grange Convention being held in Canby June 17-21.

"The work of kids like these Juniors makes me proud to be a Grange member and excited about our future," Noah said. "They will be tomorrow's leaders and today they are showing that they understand the value of being part of their community and giving back."