2016: The year in photos at the Oregon Zoo

December 29, 2016 - 2:20pm

Here's a look back at of some of 2016's most memorable Oregon Zoo images.


January 3: Amur tiger Mikhail explores his habitat after a snow storm.

January 22: Juliet, a young Speke's gazelle that almost didn't make it past her first day of life, turns 5 months old and zooms around like a tiny rocket. 

February 11: Sea otter Thelma makes a splash during a feeding session at Steller Cove.

April 25: Critically endangered black rhinos Zuri and Ruka greet each other.

May 18: More than 20 western pond turtles returned to their home ponds in the Columbia River Gorge as part of the Oregon Zoo's recovery program.

July 14: Five-week-old, critically endangered Visayan warty piglet Milagro meets his dad for the first time. 

July 21: After nearly 20 years spent languishing in obscurity, "The Continuity of Life Forms" — a huge midcentury-modern mosaic by renowned Portland architect and artist Willard Martin — was reinstalled at the Oregon Zoo.

August 8: Oregon Zoo conservationists release the last of the summer's zoo-reared Oregon silverspot butterflies in an attempt to boost the declining population of this imperiled Northwest pollinator.

September 15: Nora, the young polar bear who captivated much of the country since her birth at the Columbus Zoo last November, arrives at the Oregon Zoo.

Nov. 7: Buttercup, a 2-year-old Masai giraffe from the Santa Barbara Zoo, explores the zoo's autumn colors.

December 12: River otters Tilly and B.C. play in the snow after an early winter storm.