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Oregon Zoo turns 124, gears up for 'quasquicentennial'

The Oregon Zoo turns 124 years old today, and staff members are already planning celebratory events for the months leading up to next year’s 125th anniversary.... Read More

November 7, 2012

Pachyderm Pending blog: The front room, 50 years of elephant births at the Oregon Zoo

The Front Room: 50 Years of Elephant Births at the Oregon Zoo - In a modest old building tucked into the far corner of the zoo is an 80-by-20-foot space known to... Read More

November 2, 2012

Zoo-assisted study to search Cascades for wolverines

Biologists seek first photo evidence of species in western Oregon. Some will tell you it's a pygmy variety of bear. To others, it's a superhero with fierce sideburns... Read More

November 1, 2012

Trick or meat: zoo tigers celebrate Halloween birthday

Amur tigers Mikhail and Nicole turn 14 this week at the Oregon Zoo, and keepers plan to treat the brother-and-sister pair to a Halloween-themed birthday bounty: a... Read More

October 29, 2012

Zoo study seeks method for predicting elephant's due date

As Asian elephant Rose-Tu heads into her 21st month of pregnancy, anticipation is building at the Oregon Zoo. Some staffers have organized informal office pools to... Read More

October 25, 2012