Hottentot teal

Anas hottentota

The Hottentot teal is a small dabbling duck native to Eastern and Southern Africa.

Hottentot teal behavior and facts

  • This species frequents shallow, freshwater marshes, swamps, pools and lakes.
  • Its omnivorous diet includes seeds, fruits and aquatic invertebrates.
  • Hottentot teals are sedentary in West Africa and Madagascar but partly migratory elsewhere.

From birth to death

  • The Hottentot teals breeds year-round.
  • These ducks build their nests from surrounding vegetation, clumped papyrus and reeds.


IUCN least concern

Hottentot teals, the Oregon Zoo and you

Although this species is considered common, wetland degradation poses a threat to its long-term survival. The zoo's Hottentot teals live in the Howard Vollum Aviary exhibit.