Heart of the Oregon Zoo Campaign

The $8.5 million Heart of the Oregon Zoo campaign will improve habitat renovations and boost the zoo's efforts in animal welfare, education and conservation — and we're well on our way to reaching our goal.

Together, we are building a new zoo for you and for future generations – a place where friends and family gather to learn about the natural world and create lifelong memories. A gift to the Heart of the Oregon Zoo campaign will provide direct support for programs and experiences that inspire 1.5 million guests each year.

It takes a herd to build a home, and we can't do this work without you. Thank you for being part of our zoo family.

To learn more, email foundation@oregonzoo.org or call 503-505-5494.

Generous support from donors is already helping the zoo complete enriching habitats for polar bears, black rhinos and chimpanzees. Will you join us and make a gift today?

Polar Passage

Decades of pioneering conservation science and expert daily care culminated in the design of Polar Passage, a world-class home for polar bears. Through the zoo's conservation and field biology partnerships, our polar bear care team has learned a great deal about what these animals need to thrive. We can't wait to see bears rolling in mounds of ice and diving into saltwater pools, which will exercise their muscles and nourish their fur and skin. Hilltops help recreate the vistas sought out by wild polar bears, and an air-conditioned cave offers a place to cool off when needed. Thanks to the zoo's team and the generosity of donors, the future of polar bear care is coming to life at the Oregon Zoo!

Rhino Ridge

When black rhinos return to their expanded home, it will include timed feeders, a mud wallow and new viewing spaces for unique encounters with this critically endangered species. "In a space more than twice as big as before, with more room to roam and mud wallows to help them keep cool and protect their skin from sun and insects, Rhino Ridge will let rhinos be rhinos," said general curator Bob Lee.

Primate Forest

Climbing structures, water features and termite mounds — all funded by donors — offer the chimpanzees choice about where to be and what to do each day. Visitors can observe from several vantage points, creating myriad opportunities to connect with these remarkable and intelligent animals.