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Once you've met Flora and Hobson, our two rollicking and frolicking North American river otters, you'll see why the Cascade Stream and Pond habitat is among the most popular exhibits at the Oregon Zoo. These two adorable otter pups were rescued from nearby communities last spring. Along with our adult rescued river otter Tilly, we've made a home for them here — and you helped!

Once decimated by the fur trade, wild river otter populations have rebounded in the Pacific Northwest. Today, their presence serves as an indicator of a healthy waterway because otters are sensitive to water pollution.

Flora and Hobson's story is just one example of how your support and investment in the Oregon Zoo helps animals here and in the wild, by connecting the public with the issues threatening wildlife everywhere. Thanks to you, these adorable otters are flourishing and serving as (somewhat silly) ambassadors for healthy habitats and wild places.

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