Bring condors back to the Pacific Northwest

After more than a century, California condors may return to Oregon

The Department of the Interior will soon review a plan to reintroduce condors into their historic range in California's Redwood National Park. Given the proximity of suitable habitat in the Rogue Valley, those condors are expected to spend some time in Oregon. If this happens, it will be a historic moment for the species and for all Oregonians.

If the plan is approved, the Yurok Tribe will release condors as early as 2020 as an "experimental, nonessential" population, an Endangered Species Act designation that would protect the birds while minimizing the impact on neighboring landowners.

The Oregon Zoo is one of 16 partners that assessed the potential to recover condors ins the Pacific Northwest, and supports this reintroduction effort.

Please take a moment to express your support for reintroducing California condors to Redwood National Park.

Key messages

According to the best scientific data available, reintroducing California condors into suitable habitat in Redwood National Park is biologically feasible and will promote the conservation of the species.

Activities that led to local extinction of condors in Northern California (poaching and predator poisoning) no longer pose threats in that region.

The reintroduced population will receive ongoing support and monitoring.

There is broad support among partners, tribes and government for condor reintroduction in Redwood National Park and Yurok ancestral territory.

Returning the species to its historic range will not only benefit the condors, it will give Oregonians the chance to witness these birds in their native habitat, inspiring them to take conservation action.

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