At-home activities

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Go behind the scenes to meet animals and connect with our animal care staff. Check out our playlist here, visit our Facebook page or watch on YouTube. After each video, come here for at-home ideas to learn more about these animals and how to help them. The activities, developed by our award-winning education team, are aimed at children ages K–5 (but we invite animal lovers of all ages to join in the fun!)

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A panther chameleon climbs at the Oregon Zoo.

Lizards Tails

Activity: Tail tales There are more than 6,000 species of lizard, and each one has a tail! Lizards use their tails in many different ways. Some geckos have tails shaped like leaves to help them... Go to activity

Penguin Feeding

Activity: Penguin keeper From feeding to cleaning and making fun enrichment, the keeper staff work hard to keep the penguins happy and healthy! Try being a penguin keeper at home by creating these... Go to activity

California condors

Condors and vultures are known as nature's cleanup crew because they keep habitats healthy by eating carcasses. Unfortunately, condors will sometimes also eat plastic, glass and other trash in an... Go to activity


Bats live on every continent except Antarctica and help keep our planet healthy by eating insects, pollinating plants and regenerating forests. Activity: Echolocate Insect-eating bats find their prey... Go to activity
A male Hercules beetle rests on moss at the Oregon Zoo Insect Zoo.

Hercules beetle

Hercules beetles are detritivores, which means they help keep habitats healthy by eating dead and decaying plant matter like rotting wood or fallen leaves. Activity: Bug Hotel Hercules beetles live... Go to activity