July 6, 2020 - 5:07pm

Butterfly Conservation Lab: Behind The Scenes

Butterflies and moths help make the world a beautiful place. More than 160,000 species can be found fluttering in a diversity of habitats, from mountaintops to deserts and tropical forests. By pollinating flowers and providing food for other animals, butterflies help keep ecosystems healthy.

Activity: Coffee filter butterfly

Create a beautiful butterfly at home. Use washable markers to color a design on a round coffee filter, coloring as much of the paper as possible. Bunch the coffee filter in the middle and clip it with a clothes pin or a piece of tape. Lastly, spray the coffee filter wings a few times with some water using a spray bottle, and let it dry. The colors will blend together into a beautiful rainbow butterfly. You can add antenna with a pipe cleaner or some cut paper, or draw eyes on to the clothes pin. Share your creations with us!

You can help butterflies by using natural pest control instead of pesticides or herbicides in your yard or garden. Learn more about natural gardening solutions here.

Activity: Butterfly garden

One great way to help butterflies is to create habitats for them! You can make a butterfly garden in your yard, balcony or community spaces. Butterflies are attracted to flowers that produce lots of nectar for them to feed on. You can find seed mixes designed for pollinators or look for plants labeled "butterfly friendly" and look for native plants to your area too for them to eat when they are caterpillars.

A butterfly-friendly garden will also attract other wildlife. Find out how to get your yard backyard habitat certified here, and learn more about how you can help butterflies.