Golden eagle Deschutes

June 25, 2020 - 9:11am

Meet Rescued Golden Eagle Deschutes

Activity: Eagle eye

Golden eagles have exceptional eyesight. Their eyes are so large and sensitive that they can see a rabbit move from more than a mile away!

Can you see as well as an eagle? Pick an outdoor space to play a game of eagle eye. One person is the seeker (the eagle) and stands in the center of an area while other players hide. The hiding players must be able to see the eagle seeker at all times. If the eagle can spot you you're out! If nobody is spotted after a few minutes, the eagle closes their eyes and players must pick a closer spot.

Activity: Eagle monitoring

Golden eagles are protected in the United States thanks to the hard work of conservationists, but they were once considered extinct east of the Mississippi River. You can help scientists by signing up on Zooniverse to monitor wildlife cameras and collect information about eagle populations. Check out the Western Montana Wildlife Project to see which scavengers visit a carcass. You may even see a golden eagle!