Lizards Tails

September 28, 2020 - 11:45am

Meet The Lizards

Activity: Tail tales

There are more than 6,000 species of lizard, and each one has a tail! Lizards use their tails in many different ways. Some geckos have tails shaped like leaves to help them camouflage. Chameleons use their prehensile tails to climb. And iguanas can use their tails like whips to defend themselves.

If you were a lizard, what kind of tail would you have and how would you use it? Design a lizard tail for yourself using materials in your home or draw a picture of it. Does your tail have sharp spines like an iguana or change color like a chameleon?

Activity: Tall tails

From gliding "wings" to armor and venom, lizards have so many incredible adaptations that some are almost beyond belief!

Play a family game of two truths and lie, lizard-style! Find two fun lizard facts and make up a third, tell a friend or family member and see if they can tell which is a real fact and which is not! For example try this one:

Shield agamas have a tiny turnip shaped tail that they use to block their burrow from predators!
If threatened, Glass Lizards can drop off their tail which breaks into pieces, like glass!
Chameleons change color to match whatever they are touching, to blend in.

Number 3 is the lie! Chameleons do change color, but it is to regulate their body temperature and to communicate with other chameleons.

Lizards are popular as pets, but they can live for a long time, they can be sensitive to too much handling and many have very specialized care needs. Before considering a pet lizard, research the species. Make sure you can provide whole life care needs. Consider adopting a lizard by joining a online group in your area.