Naked mole rats

June 11, 2020 - 9:04am

Meet The Naked Mole Rat Colony

Activity: Moley burrows

Naked mole rats live in vast underground burrows that can cover an area the size of multiple football fields! Their tunnels contain many chambers that are used for different purposes, such as storing food, raising babies and even a bathroom! Draw your house as if it was a burrow. What rooms would you add, what would they be used for?

Activity: Mole rat navigation

Naked mole rats use sound and touch instead of sight to navigate. Can you navigate like a naked mole rat? Take a long rope or string and attach it to a few different objects to create an obstacle course. If you are outdoors you can tie it from one tree to another and bushes. If you don't have trees outside try indoors from a chair, to the fridge, then maybe to a couch or bed. Then see what it's like to navigate along your rope path with your eyes closed. Use your sense of touch to carefully walk, crawl, or scoot along your rope path. Imagine what it might be like to navigate like a mole rat.