Penguin Feeding

September 9, 2020 - 10:54am

Lunchtime With The Humboldt Penguins

Activity: Penguin keeper

From feeding to cleaning and making fun enrichment, the keeper staff work hard to keep the penguins happy and healthy!

Try being a penguin keeper at home by creating these stations!

  1. Cleaning station: the keepers need to hose and scrub the penguin habitat each day. Get a dustpan or mop and set up a cleaning station.
  2. Feeding time: set out a few stuffed animals or toys to feed, don't forget penguins love fish!
  3. Enrichment time: the keepers make fun toys for the penguins to interact with, can you make some toys for your stuffed animals to play with?

What other stations would you want to add?

Activity: Fish finders

Using their wings as flippers and their webbed feet to steer, Humboldt penguins can swim up to 30 miles an hour and change directions easily. They usually dive about 100 feet but occasionally go down to 200 feet or more in their hunt for fish.

Could you find fish like penguins do? Draw a few small pictures of fish and then hide them around a room, challenge the other people in your home to try and find the fish and see who can find them the fastest?

You can help wild penguins find fish easier by supporting sustainable seafood. Download the seafood watch app and check it each time you purchase fish.