At-home activities

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Go behind the scenes to meet animals and connect with our animal care staff. Check out our playlist here, visit our Facebook page or watch on YouTube. After each video, come here for at-home ideas to learn more about these animals and how to help them. The activities, developed by our award-winning education team, are aimed at children ages K–5 (but we invite animal lovers of all ages to join in the fun!)

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Butterflies and moths help make the world a beautiful place. More than 160,000 species can be found fluttering in a diversity of habitats, from mountaintops to deserts and tropical forests. By... Go to activity

Sea otter snacktime

Activity: Otter math To stay warm and full of energy, sea otters must eat a quarter of their weight each day! How much you would need to eat if you were a sea otter? Let's find out: Start by weighing... Go to activity

Golden eagle Deschutes

Activity: Eagle eye Golden eagles have exceptional eyesight. Their eyes are so large and sensitive that they can see a rabbit move from more than a mile away! Can you see as well as an eagle? Pick an... Go to activity
A beaver builds a dam at the Oregon Zoo.

Beaver walk

Beavers are a keystone species, which means they help many other species survive. By building dams across streams, beavers create wetlands that many frogs, salamanders, fish and birds depend on... Go to activity

Naked mole rats

Activity: Moley burrows Naked mole rats live in vast underground burrows that can cover an area the size of multiple football fields! Their tunnels contain many chambers that are used for different... Go to activity