At-home activities

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Sea otter Sushi

Activity: Tummy tables When it’s snack time, sea otters float on their backs and use their tummies to hold urchins, crabs and other prey while they eat. Can you use your tummy as a table? Find a... Go to activity
May 27, 2020

Humboldt penguins

A nest of what? Poop! Many Humboldt penguin chicks spend the first three months of their life in a burrow dug into thick layers of dried guano (sea bird poop!). Humboldt penguins will also dig... Go to activity
May 26, 2020

African spurred tortoise

Activity: Egg carton tortoise Tortoises have a heavy, dome-shaped carapace (top shell) that protects them from predators. African spurred tortoises like Dozer get huge, but when they first hatch they... Go to activity
May 22, 2020


Activity: Slow yoga Sloths are famous for taking it slow as they stretch their bodies while climbing through the treetops. Try a few of these animal yoga poses and imagine you're a sloth while you do... Go to activity
May 21, 2020

Elephant family

Activity: Elephant teamwork Elephants are famous for their intelligence, but did you know they can use teamwork to solve puzzles? Scientists have discovered that in some situations, elephants use... Go to activity
May 15, 2020