Cinnamon teal

Anas cyanoptera

Named for its reddish-brown color, this small dabbling duck is native to western North America. A separate population is widespread throughout the southern half of South America.

Cinnamon teal behavior and facts

  • Groups of cinnamon teal often swim behind each other, taking advantage of the food stirred up by the bird in front.
  • The cinnamon teal diet consists of seeds, roots, aquatic plants and insects.
  • Cinnamon teal hybridize with blue-winged teal.

Life history

  • The breeding season for the cinnamon teal usually begins in April.
  • The nest is a well-concealed depression in the ground, located in thick vegetation near water.
  • The female lays 4-16 eggs and incubates them for 21-25 days.
  • Ducklings are able to fly at about seven weeks old.


IUCN Least concern

Cinnamon teal, the Oregon Zoo and you

The zoo's cinnamon teal live in the Cascade Stream and Pond aviary.