Summer Camp 2018

Week-long summer day camps are available for children:

4 years through entering kindergarten (half day- mornings only)
Entering kindergarten
Entering 1st grade
Entering 2nd grade
Entering 3rd grade
Entering 4th grade
Entering 5th grade
Entering 6th grade
Entering 7th or 8th grade

Single day Discovery Day Camps available for children:

4 years through entering kindergarten (half day mornings only)
Entering kindergarten-1st grade
Entering 2-3rd grade
Entering 4-5th grade
Entering 6-8th grade

At Oregon Zoo summer camps, children 4 years old to youth entering eighth grade explore the habits and daily lives of some of the zoo's residents. Each week-long camp includes a lot of learning and fun, with crafts, songs, stories, snacks, animal visitors and in-depth tours of the zoo. Campers come away with new animal knowledge, appreciation for the natural world, empathy for living creatures and inspiration to make the world a better place. Students are grouped by the grade they are entering in school for fall 2018. Each age group has two programming options during the summer,  but camps with the same program title do not change from week to week.

Looking for the weeks of June 11, July 5 or August 28? Or just a day or two of camp fun this summer? The Oregon Zoo's new Discovery Day Camps are available for registration on a single day basis during those weeks.

Staff Ratios and Experience

Our staff is screened for excellence in programming for children. Every staff member is required to have previous experience with children; many of our counselors return year after year. Typically, a staff member has worked for OMSI or Outdoor School. Most are college graduates, many with advanced degrees or curently working on a degree.

All staff working with children have successfully passed the Oregon Child Care Registry's criminal background check.

Counselor to student ratios are 1:6 for 4 years through kindergarten, 1:8 for 1st-2nd grade and 1:10 for 3rd-8th grade. We may have additional teen helpers in camp but we do not count the teens as part of the staff ratios. The same counselors work with the same kids each day.

Discovery Days day camps staff ratios are 1:6 for 4 years through entering 1st grade, 1:8 for 2-3rd grade and 1:10 for 4-8th grade.

Supervision and Safety

At no time is any child left unsupervised. The number of staff ensures thorough supervision and monitoring. In addition, the zoo's full time security staff responds immediately to any emergency sitution. The zoo grounds are completely fenced and all employees are aware of Zoo Camp.

All security staff members are first aid, CPR and automatic emergency defibrillator (AED) trained. In addition, all camp staff are trained to respond to emergency situations.

When registering, parents are asked to list the names of authorized transporters. Everyone picking up a child from camp will be required to present photo ID that matches a name on that list.


All camps include snacks. Snacks typically include fresh fruit and a carb -- usually pretzels, crackers or popcorn. Campers with food allergies are welcome to pack their own snacks.

Full day zoo campers can either pack lunch or pre-purchase sack lunches through the zoo. Sack lunches are sold for the full week only. We do not offer lunch on a day to day basis except for the Discovery Days Camps. Zoo lunch is not available for the half day (4 years-entering K) camps.

All meals come with a vegetarian option and choice of water, lemonade or juice. Sample entrees could include hot dogs, mac and cheese, pizza, chicken nuggets or a burrito. Lunch entrees will change from day to day. All meals will also include fruit, carrot sticks and animal crackers.

Dinner is included for the weekly campers with extended evening programs (5th grade) or overnights (6-8th grade). Dinner includes a choice of cheese, pepperoni, Hawaiian or veggie pizza plus fruit and a drink.

While all meals come with vegetarian options we are unable to accommodate other dietary restrictions. If your camper has special dietary needs, please pack a lunch and snacks daily.

All menu items are subject to change without notice.

Drop-off locations

Camp drop off and pick up, including drop off and pick up for Early and Late Care, takes place at the Education Center entry.

Kids Attending Together

Please check the website for real time availability of particular weeks and camps and register the kids for the same camp and week.

Small groups are assigned on the Monday of each camp week. Please let the counselors know at drop off which kids want to be together. We will do our best to make sure they are assigned to the same small group.

Multiple Weeks

All camp ages have two programming options during the summer plus the Discovery Days day camps. Please note that camps with the same titles do not change from week to week.

Tuition Assistance

Thanks to the JFR Foundation and many individuals, the zoo offers some limited tuition assistance; however, online registration is not available for campers seeking  tuition assisance. To receive an application by mail please call 503-220-2781 before registering and leave your address. Applications can also be printed from the zoo's website.

Behavior Management

Behavior is managed to ensure an enjoyable and safe experience for all. Children are expected to behave appropriately. In the event a child is disruptive, time-out may be used. If disruptive behavior continues, the parent will be called to help find a solution. If improvement is not realized, the child may be asked to not return to camp.

Extended care

Camp starts at 8:30 a.m., with check in starting at 8:15 a.m.
Early care, $25 per week: 7:30-8:10 a.m.
Late care, $60 per week: 3:30 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.  (not available for half day  camps (4 years- entering K))

Children are supervised in a classroom with a variety of animal themed free-choice learning activities available. Pre-registration is required – drop-ins cannot be accommodated. Register for extended care when registering online for camp. There may not be space to add extended care at a later date.

Can Parents stay with Kids?

Our camp program is designed for children who are able to be successful in group oriented programs without parent involvment.

Medication and Allergies

Medication cannot be administered or dispensed by zoo staff. Campers must be able to take their own medication. However, staff can carry medications and help children remember to take them. Lead camp staff and the zoo's full time security staff are first aid and EpiPen trained.

If your child is bringing an EpiPen or medication to camp you will be asked to complete additional paperwork regarding its authorized use.

If your child has any food specific allergies please pack your own snacks and lunches. The Oregon Zoo does not provide allergen free foods or snacks. Your child will be permited to eat their home packed snacks during snack time.

Special Needs Campers

Please detail any physical, academic or social special needs your child has that our staff should be made aware of. Special needs will be accomodated to the best of our ability provided we know in advance of your camp week. If your child is not self sufficient, you will be asked to provide a non-parent aide for the week of camp.


Zoo staff cannot apply sunscreen to campers. Please make sure your camper comes to camp already wearing adequate sunscreen protection. Staff can remind campers to reapply and assist them in measuring an appropriate amount but children should be able to apply their own sunscreen.

Lost and Found

Lost and found items are turned in to zoo security at the end of each camp week. To check on lost items after your child's camp week, call 503-226-1561 x 5300.

Cancellation Policy

Refunds, minus a 10% administrative fee, will be made only if your cancellation is received before on or before June 4, 2018. After June 4th, 75% refunds will be given if cancellation is made at least ten business days before the start of your camp week. No partial refunds are given for missed camp days. There is no fee to switch camps. To cancel or switch camps, please call 503-220-2781.


Contact the Education Office by email or at 503-220-2781

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