Animal displays

Drawing turtles in art class? Would a rabbit make story time just perfect? The zoo can provide a couple of animals to make learning fun.

Available animals

(Efforts will be made to meet requests for specific animals but animal health concerns may require substitutions.)


  • rabbit


  • Madagascar hissing cockroaches
  • millipedes
  • vinegaroon
  • scorpion
  • tarantula


  • bearded dragon (lizard)
  • Mali spiny tail lizard
  • blue-tongued skink (lizard)
  • western hognose snake
  • kingsnake
  • ball python
  • desert rosy boa
  • box turtle
  • rubber boa
  • corn snake
  • gopher snake
  • desert tortoise
  • leopard tortoise
  • African pancake tortoise


$95 for two animals per 40 minutes.  Travel is restricted to facilities within a 25-mile radius of the zoo.

Questions and reservations

Available September through mid-June at the zoo or September through April at your school. Reservations must be made at least two weeks in advance. Group size is limited to 32 students.

Tracy Modde