Virtual encounters

We're Oregon Zoo-ming!

Make your next virtual meet-up a truly wild event! Invite one of the Oregon Zoo's residents to join your group, and an animal caregiver will also be on hand to answer questions. Whether it's a business meeting or social occasion, a virtual visit from our ambassadors is sure to create a memorable experience. Contact us today!

  • Experience duration: 15 minutes
  • Location: Any platform compatible with a smartphone: i.e., Zoom, Microsoft Teams, GoToMeeting.
  • Time of day and day of week: Depending on day and availability. Times are Pacific Standard.

All animals have the choice to participate in these experiences and benefit from the stimulation. Any program involving our resident animals is subject to change or cancellation based on the animals' choices and needs. Occasionally, they may decide not to take part in some activities (or take a nap instead). If this happens, we'll do our best to accommodate with a new time or different animal. Thanks in advance for sharing the zoo's commitment to animal welfare and choice.

Join the band

Let Max, our resident three-banded armadillo, roll her way into your meeting and learn about armadillo adaptations.

Hangin' with a Hornbill

Take a virtual trip to Africa, join our Southern ground hornbill Zuberi and hear stories from his caretaker.

Look whoooo's watching

Meet one of the zoo's owl residents, explore their role in pop culture and learn about their unique and amazing characteristics.

Shell of a good time

Meet a scaly tortoise friend and find out more about how these animals are adapted to live in different habitats and how we care for them here at the Oregon Zoo.

Prehensile-tailed porcupine

Get to know Bebeto, the prehensile-tailed porcupine. This South American quilly creature will bring some of the rainforest into your virtual meeting room.

Painting with a parrot

Enrich your video meeting with a parrot who paints. Watch Pele the blue and gold macaw create an artistic masterpiece while hearing about his special care and training.

Toucan do it!

With a colorful beak and big personality, Oshi the toco toucan will brighten up your screen while you talk with his caretaker.

Kids these days

Humans and goats share important relationships that help us all. Find out more about how we care for them.