FULL - Party for the Planet: Spring Into Action volunteer opportunity

June 9, 2019 - 09:00am to 12:00pm

Party for the Planet: Spring into Action!

Animals need healthy habitats to thrive, and you can help make a difference by joining zoo staff and volunteers out in the field! 
Make a huge difference in nature while having fun with your community. Activities include planting, weeding, and picking up any trash we encounter.
This volunteer opportunity are open to all ages.
You will receive an email after signing up with all locations, directions, and event-specific information roughly one week before the event.
Party for the Planet: Spring into Action is a nation-wide initiative from Earth Day through World Oceans Day, uniting people who care about wildlife and wildlife habitats to make a difference in the world. Learn more at aza.org

Party for the Planet, Spring into Action Logo

NOTE: This opportunity is at capacity, so we are no longer accepting applications. Please watch for more conservation volunteer opportunities in the future!