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General Membership Questions

What level of membership would be best for me?

This depends on how many people you plan to take with you. We have several different levels to accommodate you and your guests. Please contact the membership department at 503-505-5493 to speak with a representative.

What sort of discounts does my membership include?

Members enjoy discounts on their gift shop purchases, train and carousel rides, animal encounter tours, camps and classes and more. Refer to the membership benefits page for more information and start using your discounts today!

When can I use my membership to get into the zoo?

You may use your membership every day during normal Zoo hours. The Zoo is closed Christmas day. Additionally, the Zoo may vary the hours due to special or private events. Entrance to after-hours events such as ZooLights and Twilight Tuesdays are covered by your membership, but additional fees may apply for some special events. Be sure to sign up for eTracks and check the Calendar of Events for updated event information.

May members enter the Zoo early?

Yes! The Zoo is open 30 minutes early every day from March1 through September 30 for Members only! Enjoy cooler weather and see keepers prepare animal areas. 

What other zoos and aquariums may I access with my Oregon Zoo membership?

Please follow this link to see our Membership Reciprocity list

Who is considered to be a dependent on a membership?

Dependent children between the ages of 3-18 years old are considered dependents. The number of dependents admitted is dependent on the membership level. Children aged 2 and under are always allowed in free, no matter what your membership level, and do not count towards number of allowed dependents.

My membership card says "Children: 0" and "Guests: 1". Does that mean I cannot bring my child in?

The number of chidren or dependents admitted is dependent on the membership level. If you have an Individual or Dual membership, those levels do not allow you to bring in your children as a membership benefit, but you still have access to one guest per visit. If you have dependent children between the ages of 3-18 years old, you can still bring one of them in as your guest benefit. Children aged 2 and under are always allowed in free, no matter what your membership level, and do not count towards number of allowed dependents. If you have more than one child over 2, consider upgrading to a Family level.

How long is my membership valid?

Your membership is valid until the end of the month one year from the date of purchase. For example, if you purchase a membership in June, it will be valid until June 30 the following year.

I purchased a membership that includes giraffe feedings. How do I access that benefit?

Donor Club and Conservation Circle members receive exclusive benefits like animal encounters and giraffe feedings. You will be issued a gift certificates or vouchers for these events by contacting Charu Uppal, annual giving manager, at 503-220-5738 or

Will my employer match my membership?

Did you know you may be able to double or even triple your membership contribution at no cost to you? Many employers will match your current membership contribution. The matching gift does not change your membership level, but the additional gift is a huge help to the Zoo.

Contact your Human Resources Department to find out if your employer has a matching gifts program.  Employers typically have webpages where you can enter your new membership information. Feel great knowing you helped your Zoo even more!

Is my membership tax deductible?

Yes! The Oregon Zoo Foundation is a Section 501(c)(3) charity. The Internal Revenue Service has issued guidelines that affect the charitable contribution portion of memberships. Under those guidelines, members may claim the amount of their membership fee, less the fair market value of benefits received. For Individual, Dual, Family and Family Deluxe Members, the fair market value of benefits received is not substantial. For Donor Club or Conservation Circle levels, please contact Charu Uppal, annual giving manager, at 503-220-5738 for more information.

Questions about Membership Account Information

How can I update info on my membership account?

You may update your contact information online through your membership log-in, over the phone or on your next visit to the Zoo. Please have your membership ID number or other verifying information available.

How may I add or change a name on my account?

Adding or changing a name on your account can be done in person or over the phone. There is a $10 card fee for each card that has to be reprinted. If you make a change such as adding a second cardholder when you didn't have one, both cards will have to be reprinted because of the change to the number of guests allowed for a single cardholder account. All original cards must be returned or destroyed before new cards are printed.  Your new cards will be available for pick up at the zoo Reception Office on your next visit.

Questions about Membership Cards

Why am I asked to present photo ID along with my membership card?

By requiring photo ID, we are better able to protect the integrity your membership and offer more benefits to our participating members. Your photo ID must match the name on your membership card.

How long does it take to receive my membership cards?

Once your membership gift is processed by our team, you should receive a welcome email. That email asks you to verify that all your membership information is correct before we mail your cards, including your cardholder names, address (including any apartment number), level and expiration date. Membership cards are usually mailed within 2 to 3 weeks of purchase of the membership. Times may vary around holidays, spring breaks and other seasonal peak times.

May I visit the Zoo before I receive my cards?

If you purchase a membership at the zoo, you will be issued a temporary pass that will allow access to the zoo until you receive membership cards in the mail. You may also visit by presenting your welcome email or your receipt from your online purchase along with your photo ID at the zoo’s Reception Office. If the membership is purchased by phone or mail, please call ahead to verify that your membership has been processed. Please allow additional processing time for memberships purchased by mail. Reciprocal facilities may not accept temporary passes; please call ahead to their organization to verify their policies.

Can I use my membership if I left my card at home?

Yes, please present your photo ID at any one of the kiosks or the Reception Office to verify that your membership is active.

Can I loan my membership card to a friend, family member or caretaker?

No. Your membership card and associated privileges are not transferable to any other individual or family. You will be asked to present a valid photo ID for the named Members listed on your membership at the time of your visit. This also means that although your children can use your membership cards to gain access, an unnamed adult cannot accompany them for free. Children do not get to use the guest benefits on your cards.

What is a Caregiver Card?

A Caregiver Card is a paid add-on to your membership that enables one additional adult to be listed on the account to accompany the allowable number of dependent or infant children into the zoo without the primary cardholders being present. This individual must present their membership card and ID. Any adult guests or additional children visiting with the Caregiver Card holder must purchase tickets.

What if I misplace my membership card?

Call the membership office at 503-505-5493 or visit the Reception Office to report your missing card. There is a $10 fee for each replacement card. Replacement cards will be available for pick up in the Reception Office on your next visit.

My child wants to come to the zoo without me. Can I give them my card?

Yes. If your membership allows for dependents, you can send them with your card. Keep in mind that only children aged 12 or older are allowed unaccompanied into the zoo. If your child is younger than 12, consider purchasing a Caregiver Card so that another adult may accompany your child or children into the zoo without out you.  Please note, your dependents cannot bring free guests into the zoo with them - only the named cardholders have access to the guest privilege. Any adults or additonal children other than the number allowed by your membership must pay for admission.

Questions about Gift Certificates

How do I redeem my gift certificate or gift card?

If you received a gift certificate or a gift card valid for a membership, you must redeem it in person at the zoo’s Reception Office. Gift certificates and gift cards are valid for 12 months from the purchase date. An expired gift certificate or gift card may still be redeemed, but only for the purchase amount. If membership levels, pricing or benefits have changed, additional funds may be required to redeem your gift certificate.

In the case of a lost certificate, the gift purchaser must contact the Membership Office at 503-505-5493, Monday through Friday between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m.


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