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Voluntary polar bear blood draw at Oregon Zoo is a species first

How do you get a half-ton hypercarnivorous beast to willingly submit to a blood test? The short answer to this riddle is, of course, "very carefully." But a broader answer has resulted in significant animal welfare advances at the Oregon Zoo, where polar bear siblings Tasul and Conrad recently became the first of their species to allow blood samples to be taken without being anesthetized. Tasul has been comfortably allowing the zoo's keepers and veterinary staff to draw blood from a back paw since December, while her brother, Conrad, had his first voluntary blood draw this month. Preliminary lab analysis suggests this new method may physically reduce stress during veterinary treatment.

Zoo releases 1,183 endangered butterflies into wild

The Oregon Zoo's butterfly conservation lab successfully released the last of this season's 1,183 zoo-reared Oregon silverspot butterfly pupae this week. A dozen pupae (butterfly cocoons) were transported to coastal headlands to complete their transformation and join their wild counterparts. Once common along the Oregon coast, the Oregon silverspot was reduced to four Oregon populations by the 1990s. The species was listed as threatened by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in 1980 — one of two Oregon butterflies listed as threatened or endangered under the U.S. Endangered Species Act.

Oregon Zoo’s youngest elephant, Samudra, turns 4 years old

The Oregon Zoo's youngest elephant, Samudra, turns 4 years old Thursday, Aug. 23, and keepers say the popular pachyderm has done quite a bit of growing up this past year. Like many 4-year-olds, Samudra is active and inquisitive, loves to play in water, and prefers fruit to vegetables, according to keepers. But after a few years of depending on his mother for milk and being nurtured by his "aunties," he is now nearly weaned — a necessity with Rose-Tu's second baby on the way — and he has also received some life lessons in what it means to be a bull.

Zoo hosts orangutan conservation workshop

The Oregon Zoo is hosting the sixth annual Orangutan Species Survival Plan workshop Aug. 20-23, bringing some of the world's leading experts to Portland to address issues facing orangutans, both in the wild and in zoos, with a heavy emphasis on conservation.

Zoo will say goodbye to its beloved gray wolves

In August the wolves will be departing for the Lee G. Simmons Conservation Park and Wildlife Safari in Omaha, Neb. — part of the Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium — as the Oregon Zoo prepares for work on a vastly expanded home for its Asian elephant herd. The new elephant area will stretch over much of the meadows and forests along the zoo's eastern edge, and there will no longer be room for a sufficiently engaging wolf habitat.

Summer nearly over for endangered Northwest turtles

After one of the rainiest Junes on record and a relatively cool July, Portlanders may feel like summer's just getting under way. But for seven western pond turtles reared at the Oregon Zoo, a nearly yearlong stretch of warm days and nights will soon be drawing to an end.

Zoo pygmy rabbit recovery effort ends July 19

The Oregon Zoo's 12-year effort to save the endangered Columbia Basin pygmy rabbit will draw to a close on Thursday, July 19, when the zoo releases its last 14 breeding rabbits and their offspring at the Sagebrush Flat Wildlife Area in eastern Washington.

Rose-Tu's pregnancy enters the home stretch

Let the countdown begin. Asian elephant Rose-Tu has reached the last stage of her pregnancy, according to Oregon Zoo animal-care staff, leaving behind what in human terms would be considered the "golden" second trimester and marching trunk-first into the home stretch.

Zoo challenges geocachers to find hidden surprises

If you notice Oregon Zoo visitors looking down at their GPS devices instead of up at the animals, don't be surprised. Since the zoo joined millions of people worldwide in the game of geocaching this spring, some visitors have been almost as interested in finding the zoo's caches as its cats.