Membership FAQs

Can I apply daytime general admission (GA) tickets towards a membership?

Yes; Your daytime GA tickets must be used first and then redeemed towards a membership purchse or renewal, within 14 days of your visit by calling Membership Services at 503.505.5493. GA tickets cannot be redeemed online and must be applied at time of purchase only. If you purchased GA tickets and were unable to visit the zoo, you may use those paid, unused tickets towards a membership within 14 days of your intended visits. Only one admission ticket per person covered by the membership may be be applied, regardless of age. No ride tickets or other purchases may be applied towards a membership. Separately ticketed and special event tickets, such as ZooLights tickets, cannot be applied towards membership.

Please do not purchase your membership online if you want to apply GA tickets. GA tickets are non-refundable, and may only be used as partial payment towards a membership at time of purchase. Any remaining balance must be paid in full to activate your membership. Other restrictions may apply. 

How do I create a member account?

To create a member account, please sign up here using your current email address and your member number. You will use this account to get member timed ticket reservations, make additional purchases, store and access past purchases and receipts, and receive member discounts.

How do I update my member account?

To change your mailing address or other contact information, including your email, please email us at If you need to change your account password, please click here for instructions.

How do I make a timed ticket reservation?

To make a reservation, you must be logged in to your online account. Once you are logged in, you can navigate to Buy Tickets, then to Member Admission. Begin by selecting a Visiting Date by clicking the calendar icon. Dates in green have available time slots, dates in red are sold out. Dates in white or gray do not have any reservations available yet or are in dates in the past. Reservations can only be made up to 10 days in advance.

Once you have selected a Green Date, you will then choose a visit time from the Select Time drop down menu. Using the scroll feature, you can look to see what availability is left on the time slots. When you see enough capacity for your visit, you can select that time slot. If there is not enough capacity for your visit for any one time slot, you must select a different day.

Once you have selected a date and time, use the + or – boxes to reserve the number of Named Members, Children (age 2-17), Infants (age 0-1), or Guests (any age) that are visiting. What is available to you depends on your particular membership access. Choose Add To Cart. You will not be automatically placed in your cart to finish the transaction, you will need to select your cart from the top of the page. Once you are in your cart, you can choose Checkout.

Please review your reservation! Check your visiting date and time, and make sure you have reserved enough tickets for your visit. Please note the following:

  • You may not register a guest in lieu of a named adult cardholder. If a reservation ticket shows 2 Named Adults, both of the named cardholders will be asked for a photo ID. Bringing guests in without a guest reservation is in violation of your (Membership Terms & Conditions). 
  • Infants ages 0-1 need a reservation; maximum 2 per reservation.

Unless you have also purchased additional tickets, you will not be asked to provide your credit card details. However, to complete the transaction, you must accept the Terms & Conditions and choose Pay By Credit Card.

Once you have completed your reservation, you will receive an email with a copy of your reservation tickets. Please bring this ticket with you on your visit. If you need to cancel your reservation for any reason, please let us know so that we can give your spot to another member. You can email us with cancellations at

Do members get priority access over general admission ticket buyers?

In a year not affected by pandemic restrictions, member visits are generally between 35-38% of our total visits. As a thank you to our members who continue to support the zoo through a difficult time, we reserve half or more of our total available capacity just for members. We would love to give all of our reservations to members until we are able to open with no restrictions, but as a cherished community asset, the zoo must remain available to the entire community, including those who simply cannot afford to support the zoo above the cost of a single general admission ticket.

When do I receive my membership cards?

In an effort to reduce unnecessary waste, plastic membership cards are no longer being mailed.*

All of your membership information is currently printed on your timed ticket reservations, so your card is not an additional requirement for admission at this time. We will only ask for a valid photo ID that matches the name(s) on the reservation.

Digital Member Cards are now available for your mobile wallet.  All memberships purchased on or after April 1, 2021 will receive an invitation to download a digital card within 5-10 days of purchase or renewal to the email address we have on file. If you have changed your email, please contact us to let us know.  In the meantime, a PDF copy of your membership details is emailed as an attachment to your receipt of purchase. If you do not see a copy of your receipt within 15 minutes of your online transaction, please check your junk folders before contacting Membership Services. You can also access your receipt by logging into your member account to see your past purchases.

You may request a digital card download invitation by calling 503-505-5493 or emailing us at

*At this time we are not printing member cards. When we have resumed normal operations, you may request plastic cards by contacting the Membership Office. 

Why do I have to show a photo ID?

All named cardholders must present photo ID upon entering the zoo to prevent misuse of membership. As a nonprofit organization, we rely greatly on membership and admission revenue for support. If memberships were shared between families and friends, we would not be able to support your zoo as effectively. Not only does requiring an ID protect the value of all memberships, but it also protects you if your card is ever lost or stolen.

Can I change the named adults on my membership?

No. The named adult cardholders cannot be changed for the duration of your membership or until the time of renewal. Corrections due to misspellings or legal name changes can be requested by emailing

How do I add an adult, child or guest to my membership?

Adding adults, children or guests to your existing membership can only be done by phone. Restrictions apply. Please call Membership Services at 503-505-5493 for more details.

Memberships purchased on or after April 1, 2021 as part of the new Build Your Own Membership program can add named adults, children and guests up to the maximum allowable.  Children, guests or named adults cannot be added to memberships purchased before April 1, 2021. All benefits for these memberships will be honored through their current expiration dates or until the membership is renewed or upgraded, whichever occurs first. Upgrades or changes from memberships purchased prior to April 1 to the new model may result in the loss or change to benefits, including the free guest pass option, in accordance with the Membership Terms & Conditions.

I bought a membership right before the introduction of the new build your own membership options. I want to change my membership. Can I do that?

No. Any memberships purchased or renewed before April 1, 2021 are subject to the terms of membership at that time and are not refundable. Existing benefits will be honored through their current expiration dates or until the membership is renewed or upgraded to the current model, whichever occurs first. Upgrades or changes to the membership model may result in the loss or change to benefits, including the free guest pass option, in accordance with the Membership Terms & Conditions. 

I have a caregiver or nanny and want them to bring my children covered by my membership to the zoo. How does this work?

If your family has a caregiver or nanny, you may call Membership Services to purchase a caregiver card for $59. Limit one named Caregiver Card per membership. Caregiver Cards are not eligible for discounted pricing or online purchase or renewal. Names cannot be changed until the membership expires or is renewed. All named caregivers must show photo ID upon entry.

I bought a Gift Card, How does that work?

When you purchase a gift card, the recipient of that gift card can activate a membership or purchased admission tickets online by choosing Gift Card as the payment type. The recipient will need to provide the gift card number, which is provided in the email that gets sent for electronic gift cards or is printed directly on a physical gift card. Once a membership is activated online, it will be valid immediately. A purchase receipt with a PDF of the member details attached will be emailed to the email address provided by the member.

Can I transfer my membership if I move?

Memberships and benefits are non-transferable. This policy is intended to prevent any misuse of membership and membership cards. You may be able to use your membership in another city or state. Be sure to check with the local zoo or aquarium in your new area for reciprocal benefits for the remainder of your Oregon Zoo membership.

Can I get a refund on my membership?

As a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, we do not issue refunds. Thank you for your support!

Do members get in early?

When the current restrictions due to the pandemic are lifted, there will again be select dates when members have the benefit of entering the zoo before it opens to the general public. Besides providing an exclusive morning visit experience, early entrance also affords a behind the scenes look at our Zoo Crew prepping the zoo and even our Animal Care Specialists readying the animal habitats for the day. Restaurants and gift shops will open at regular zoo opening time.

Does my membership start from the moment of purchase or the first time I visit the zoo?

Your membership starts from the moment of purchase. Please note that timed ticket member reservations may not be available immediately. Capacity is limited and reservations become available daily for up to 7 days in advance of your visit.

If you are purchasing or renewing a membership for someone else, we recommend that you let them know. If you want a gift of membership to be a surprise, we recommend you purchase a gift card instead.

How do I access my member benefits?

Member benefits include various discounts and reciprocal admission opportunities. Members can receive discounts at the gift shop and in zoo restaurants by showing proof of membership at time of purchase or your timed-ticket for member admission. (For mobile food orders at AfriCafe, you must create a login account using your member number.) Member discounts are not available at the independently run food carts throughout the zoo.

Members also receive a 10% discount on additional general admission tickets purchased for your visits. All tickets must be purchased online using the timed ticket registration system. All members must be logged into their online account to receive discounts on any purchases.

Members received discounted admission to ZooLights and other select special events. These opportunities will be posted on our website and announced via email.

You can use your membership for entry at other reciprocal zoos and aquariums across the country for half-price admission. (Get the list here.) Remember, each zoo has its own policies and your membership privileges may not work the same way at each zoo, especially if you have any unnamed guests. Be sure to contact the zoo you are visiting prior to arrival for specific details and to make sure there have been no changes. Oregon Zoo honors 50% discount admission benefits for all named adults and children covered by a membership at participating zoos and aquariums. The discount benefit is not extended to free guests covered by a membership or to any additional GA ticket purchases.

Museums and attractions in the Portland Metro area and beyond have teamed up to offer a reciprocal membership program. This special promotion was initiated as a way to show appreciation for each attraction's loyal members, as well as to highlight the important role that cultural attractions play in the community. Participating organizations change yearly and admission is limited to four people per membership, no matter what level you have. Reciprocal benefits are available at the discretion of each participating organization and are not guaranteed. Please check with the zoo or aquarium you wish to visit before you go. Note: This program is currently suspended. Please continue to check back for updates.

Is my membership tax-deductible?

The information provided below should not be considered to be legal or official tax advice. Please consult with your tax advisor.

The Oregon Zoo Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. Under IRS guidelines, the amount of your contribution that is deductible for federal income tax purposes is limited to the excess of your payment over the value of goods or services provided by the Oregon Zoo Foundation. To make your gift fully tax deductible, please call 503-220-5493 or email foundation@oregonzoo.orgAll additional charitable donations to the Oregon Zoo Foundation are also tax-deductible. 

What if my question is not answered here?

Please call Membership Services at 503.505.5493, 9am to 4pm daily, or email