5 wildlife-friendly spring cleaning tips

March 7, 2017 - 12:26pm

Cleaning usually means removing stuff you don't want - like a stain, dust or clutter. Here are five ways to get rid of things without making them a problem for wildlife and nature.

1. Opt out of junk mail

It takes millions of wildlife habitat-providing trees to produce the junk mail that clogs your mailbox. Get your address removed from mailing lists with this one step.

2. Make your own non-toxic cleaners

Many store-bought cleaners contain wildlife-poisoning chemicals that enter the environment through the air and water. DIY cleaners make safe, easy and cheap alternatives for almost every cleaning need. Get recipes.

3. Use Metro's recycler directory to dispose of questionable items

Need to get rid of electronics, batteries, auto equipment, packing peanuts or other potentially hazardous material? Use Metro's recycler directory to find a safe place to dispose of just about anything.

4. Check the safety of yard care products with the Grow Smart app

Pesticides and fungicides aren't just harmful to garden pests – they can pollute entire ecosystems. Identify which of your products might be toxic and find nontoxic alternatives with the Grow Smart app.

5. Replace your light bulbs with LEDs

Light Emitting Diode (LED) bulbs last longer, use less energy and go through a more wildlife-friendly manufacturing process than conventional bulbs. Learn more about making the switch.