Zoo seeks proposals for Northwest conservation grants

April 16, 2018 - 4:17pm

Future for Wildlife program aims to help region’s threatened species, ecosystems

The Oregon Zoo is now accepting applications for its 2018 Future for Wildlife grants in support of animal conservation and wildlife welfare programs in the Pacific Northwest.

"The Future for Wildlife program is designed to help protect threatened and endangered species and the ecosystems in which they live," said Dr. Nadja Wielebnowski, the zoo's conservation and research manager. "Thanks to our generous community, the Oregon Zoo has been able to provide grants for nearly 20 years to help save all kinds of animals, from tiny butterflies to wolverines."

To be considered, projects must directly contribute to the survival, health and welfare of free-living populations and the ecosystems in which they are found. Funding is competitive, with awards typically ranging up to $5,000. Applications will be accepted through June 29, and recipients will be announced in September. To learn more and access application forms, visit oregonzoo.org/ffw.

In 2017, grants were awarded to the following organizations:

  • Pacific University: $4,503 for a project informing habitat restoration efforts for the Oregon silverspot butterfly.
  • University of Idaho: $4,935 to support genetic monitoring of the Columbia Basin pygmy rabbit.
  • Oregon State University: $4,462 to identify pollen sources for bumblebees in Eastern Oregon's Blue Mountains.
  • Yurok Tribe: $4,100 to survey western pond turtles on the Lower Klamath River system and establish a baseline population.
  • Nez Perce Tribe: $2,500 to assess areas in the Hells Canyon ecosystem for potential condor nesting sites.
  • Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife: $4,500 to support northern leopard frog egg-mass surveys and translocation.

"These projects along with many others were funded through community support," said Julie Fitzgerald, director of the Oregon Zoo Foundation. "Thanks to that support, we're helping wildlife throughout the Pacific Northwest."

The Future for Wildlife program — an ongoing partnership between the Oregon Zoo and the Oregon Zoo Foundation — provides grants to support wildlife conservation efforts. To learn more about supporting the program, contact the Oregon Zoo Foundation at 503-220-2493.