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From the inaugural Zoolala in 2000, when Steller Cove opened, to the 2015 preview of the new Elephant Lands habitat, we have loved gathering with our supporters over these many years. Thanks to our community, Zoolala has raised substantial resources to support the Oregon Zoo over the years, and we are forever grateful for that generosity.

We are currently exploring some new opportunities for our next major event. We are working closely with many Zoolala attendees, supporters and volunteers to ensure our future event blends all of the exciting and fun aspects you expect from an event at the zoo, as well as providing a great opportunity for guests to learn about the mission of the zoo and how to support it. As we take time to develop those plans, we have decided not to host a major event this year. 

We plan to launch a new major fundraiser in the future. Until then, we will continue to offer an exciting slate of smaller events to gather people from around the region who share a passion for wildlife conservation.

Please let us know if you are interested in joining!