Local zoo, global impact.

In addition to educating and inspiring its community, the Oregon Zoo takes direct conservation action to protect wildlife around the world.

Fighting extinction

Through research, species recovery programs and habitat restoration projects, the Oregon Zoo and its partners are working to bring back populations of imperiled native species ranging from tiny butterflies to majestic California condors.

Global conservation

The Oregon Zoo supports international efforts to save species ranging from Canadian polar bears to Bornean orangutans.

Future for Wildlife

An ongoing partnership between the Oregon Zoo and the Oregon Zoo Foundation, the Future For Wildlife program provides grants to support local and global conservation efforts.

Zoo research

The zoo undertakes both short-term and multi-year research projects, often in collaboration with other zoos, universities or government agencies charged with conservation.

Use Your Reach

The Use Your Reach project empowers consumers to help wildlife neagtively impacted by palm oil, an ingredient found in everyday products like candy and shampoo.