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Watch and learn

Meet some of the incredible animals at the zoo and learn about wildlife conservation around the world in these video series. Click on the series title for a playlist of all available episodes.

Baby western pond turtle held in the palm of a hand.

Beaver Branch Challenge

Filbert and Maple are busy, branch-managing beaver besties. But they have another superpower: Chewing down giant trees and hauling them back to their lodge. In this series, wildlife experts  challenge the beavers to find special branches—and we all learn a little something along the way.

Second Chances

The Oregon Zoo protects wildlife by caring for orphaned animals and releasing endangered species back to the wild. The series tells the true stories of the animals — from Pinecone the owl to Josie the sloth — that got second chance at survival.

Tiny Goat Visits

Take a playful romp with pygmy goat kids Ruth and Sonia as they meet different animals around the zoo.