Backyard Makeover

The Backyard Makeover exhibit at the Oregon Zoo shows you how to attract beautiful winged wildlife to your yard. In the exhibit, you will see two gardens. One is the kind of garden you might have seen in the 1970s, with a lawn and some shrubs. Next to it is the same garden, but with a few additions of plants and other features that provide food and shelter for birds, bees and butterflies, and that help you use water wisely.

A yard with habitat attracts natural pest eaters – much safer than chemical insecticides. And the native plants these helpful critters love are easy to grow when they are planted in the right spot and need little water once they're established since they are used to our climate.

Open during regular zoo hours for no cost additional to zoo admission. The exhibit is a joint effort between Metro's Oregon Zoo and natural gardening program, and Oregon State University's Extension Service.