Elephant Lands

Creating a better future for elephants

Since Packy's birth in 1962, the Oregon Zoo elephant herd has inspired millions of visitors to appreciate and care for wildlife. Now, the zoo is embarking on its most ambitious project to date: Elephant Lands. This visionary habitat will provide a world-class home for the herd and an unforgettable experience for visitors.

Elephant Lands will open to the public in the fall of 2015.

Our vision for elephants

Every aspect of elephant life at the Oregon Zoo is guided and inspired by the natural structure of matriarchal elephant society. Explore the zoo's 50-year history of groundbreaking elephant research and creative care, and learn about our plans to continue this legacy as the elephant family grows.



Explore the habitat

From hilly corridors and time-released feeders to shade structures and pools, Elephant Lands will create a new benchmark for elephant health and well-being. Find out how Elephant Lands will provide a life full of choice for generations of elephant families.



Encounter giants

Elephant Lands will create engaging, meaningful experiences by bringing Oregon Zoo visitors closer than ever before to these amazing animals. Discover how Elephant Lands will give visitors the knowledge and tools they need to help create a better future for wildlife



Join the Campaign for Elephants

Our community has generously supported the Oregon Zoo's elephants for more than 50 years. Make a gift to Elephant Lands today, and be a part of this enduring legacy.