The Campaign for Elephants

Join the legacy

"Our extraordinary new habitat will require considerable additional resources. We hope you will join us in supporting our $3 million campaign for Elephant Lands."

—Tracey Clark, campaign co-chair

Designed to be one of the most natural, moving and spectacular zoo exhibits in the world, Elephant Lands will offer an incredible experience for our elephant family—and yours. The Oregon Zoo Foundation has launched a $3 million Campaign for Elephants to support the zoo's vision of providing the best for our elephants while inspiring our community to care about the natural world. Be a part of this enduring legacy by making a gift to Elephant Lands today.

Be a part of Elephant Lands

Support the Campaign for Elephants and be a part of this exciting future. Gifts of any size make a difference. Contact the Oregon Zoo Foundation at 503-220-5707 for more information.