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Zoo's black bears are blinking out of winter torpor

Across North America, from Canada to the northern half of Mexico and in at least 40 U.S. states, lethargic black bears are shaking off the sleep to sniff out the goods of spring. The Oregon Zoo's four resident black bears — Takoda, Cubby, Tuff and Dale — have been stirring as well.

Oregon Zoo condor chick is making it big in California

Since joining the nationwide effort to save California condors in 2003, the Oregon Zoo's Jonsson Center for Wildlife Conservation has raised and prepped for release more than 40 wild-bound condors. The center's first chick — hatched in 2004 and dubbed Kun-Wak-Shun, or "Thunder and Lightning" — is also the host of the first condor nest spotted in Central California this spring.

How climate change might affect polar bears' bodies

You really are what you eat. That's the taking-off point for a new polar bear study, conducted by U.S. Geological Survey researchers with an assist from the Oregon Zoo — and published this week in the journal Physiological and Biochemical Zoology.

Nation's oldest male Asian elephant Packy turns 54

By almost any measure, Packy is majestic. Standing 10 and a half feet at the shoulder, he is thought to be the tallest Asian elephant in North America. Keepers liken his lean, rangy build to that of a pro basketball player.

Zoo scientists go whole hog to help wild pig population

Some consider them crop-raiding pests in their native rainforests of equatorial West Africa. But in zoos, red river hogs are welcome residents that create a fantastic opportunity for biologists to better understand their species as a whole.

Searching for jelly: Oregon spotted frog counts are in

This year, the zoo's Environmental Conservation Outreach team — a volunteer group formed to connect Portlanders with regional conservation projects — trekked out to help survey Conboy's eggs, from which USFWS is able to determine the adult frog populations.

Runners hit the road to help orangutans

To help save this endangered species, which shares nearly 98 percent of its DNA with humans, the Portland chapter of the American Association of Zoo Keepers has joined forces with the Oregon Road Runners Club to present Race for the Redheads.

Zoo releases 'predator-proof' strain of pond turtles

An imperiled Pacific Northwest native turtle may have a new lease on life thanks to an innovative conservation program at the Oregon Zoo. Using an advanced "booster cocktail," Oregon Zoo conservation staff have successfully raised several pond turtles large enough to evade any predator.