Privacy policy

Oregon Zoo

The Oregon Zoo, operators of, recognize the importance of protecting the privacy of the users of this website. Except when specifically and knowingly provided by you, the website user, the Oregon Zoo collects no personally identifying information about individuals. The name, address and payment (if applicable) that the user might provide when using this website may be processed or disclosed by the Oregon Zoo as permitted under the website's terms of use, of which the user agrees to upon utilizing the information and services of

As a method of tracking the use of this website, may utilize the web technology known as "cookies," which enables the Oregon Zoo to relate a visitor's use of Oregon Zoo information to any information that the visitor may have specifically and knowingly provided to the Oregon Zoo. Any such voluntarily provided identifying information, if applicable, may be used by the Oregon Zoo for editorial, marketing or promotional purposes. Such identifying information, if applicable, will not be transferred to any other party unless otherwise stated at the time of collection.

The Oregon Zoo only collects any type of personally identifying information to the extent that it serves our legitimate business purposes, and the Oregon Zoo will maintain appropriate safeguards to ensure the security, integrity and privacy of the information.

Elephant Lands app

The Oregon Zoo Elephant Lands app does not collect or share personal information from app users. The app requests access to the user's camera only in order to create an "Elphie Selfie" image, but the image is only stored on the user's device and may only be shared by the user.

Oregon Zoo Foundation

Donor Privacy Policy

The personal information you provide to the Oregon Zoo Foundation (OZF) may be used for the purposes of demographic, market, or developmental research. OZF may use your information to send you news of programs or promotions that we believe may interest you, or to contact you in regard to appeals for financial support.

OZF does not sell or trade its mailing list to any organization or company. OZF will not, under any circumstances, divulge the email addresses or telephone numbers on our mailing list to any organization, except where we may be required by law.

If you are receiving mail from OZF and would prefer not to receive this mail, please notify us by email, fax, or postal mail (all provided on our contact page) and your information will be removed from our mailing lists.