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Cascades Pika Watch

A pika hops on rocks.
An American pika hops on rocks in the Columbia Gorge. Photo by Linda Steider.

Cascades Pika Watch engages volunteers to locate and map Oregon's pikas 

Thank you for your interest in protecting one of the fluffiest, squeakiest species in the Pacific Northwest: the pika!

Pikas' particular habitat and temperature requirements make the species vulnerable to global warming trends — and of special interest to scientists studying the effects of climate change.

Cascades Pika Watch volunteers conduct 1-2 monthly sitting surveys to track and log pika presence in the Gorge and across the region. Sites are accessed via public hiking trails, and no special skills are required, other than a willingness to learn and a desire to contribute to scientific knowledge. Volunteers can opt to receive in-person or virtual training on identifying pikas in the field. They will then choose survey sites, where they will scan the boulders for signs of movement while listening for the pika’s calls.

2024 Cascades Pika Watch offers in-person trainings on May 9, 10 and 11, as well as online trainings.

  • The May 9 and 10 trainings at the zoo have concluded. 
  • The May 11 training session in the Gorge has concluded.
  • New volunteers can enroll in this online training throughout the summer.
  • Returning volunteers from last year can enroll in a short refresher course.

Gifts to the Oregon Zoo Foundation help support Cascades Pika Watch and other conservation efforts in the Pacific Northwest. Learn more or make a donation.