About the Oregon Zoo Foundation


Pride. It’s what we feel every day.

Pride in inspiring hope and action for animal welfare. Pride in working with teams who share values. Pride in providing an opportunity for our community to further our mission. With our community, we are louder and stronger together.

The Oregon Zoo provides comprehensive care for its animals. The Oregon Zoo Foundation elevates that care through the collaboration of countless individuals and organizations. Together with veterinarians, keepers, wildlife experts, and zoo management, we team up to ensure that resources are allocated where they’re needed most.

We collaborate with the zoo to support our animals’ well-being. We work closely with experts on our global wildlife impact. We are dedicated to animal welfare at the zoo and around the world. Our work is ongoing, and we do it for the animals.

We don’t take giving for granted, but gifts, grants and sponsorships don’t just feed the animals. They are more than a dollar amount. They raise the volume for the animals’ voices. They represent global impact and animal welfare. And they are a connection to you.

We are the Oregon Zoo Foundation.

Julie Fitzgerald, executive director, 503-220-5747

Maria Reyes, director of development, 503-220-2451


The mission of the foundation is to foster community pride and involvement in the Oregon Zoo and to secure financial support for the zoo’s conservation, education and animal welfare programs. We work with individual donors, corporations and community organizations that share our dedication to creating a better future for wildlife.

The foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, has funded more than $90 million for animal welfare, conservation, capital infrastructure and other important initiatives at the zoo, since 1997. We see our generous supporters in the work of the zoo every day. Members, donors and partners help us facilitate the exceptional care of the zoo’s animals, down to every bucket of herring for the penguins. We are a philanthropic outlet for the community to invest deeply in the care of animals.

Donate with confidence

Independent organizations, Guidestar and Charity Navigator, have awarded the Oregon Zoo Foundation with high ratings because we follow industry best practices in fundraising and we are good stewards of donor support. Make a gift today!


Staff are working remotely due to the COVID-19 pandemic, so thank you in advance for your patience! For inquiries about making a gift to the Oregon Zoo Foundation, advocacy for wildlife and healthy habitats, foundation events or how to get involved, please email foundation@oregonzoo.org and we’ll make sure to connect you to the right person!

4001 SW Canyon Road
Portland, OR 97221
Office: 503-220-2493

Oregon Zoo Foundation EIN: 93-0718337

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