Built in partnership with Banfield Pet Hospital, the Catio features places to scratch, climb and play. It's furnished with comfortable chairs and cushions – favorites come naptime – and is enclosed by a mesh screen, which offers the cats a way to experience the outside world safely.

Catios provide indoor cats with enriching access to the outdoors while protecting them from hazards such as cars, coyotes, poisons and even many infectious diseases. Indoor cats also have less of an impact on the wildlife we share our homes and neighborhoods with. Learn how to build a catio of your own with resources from Catio Spaces, Feral Cat Coalition and Cats Safe at Home.

The Catio's residents came from Portland Pixie Project, a Portland animal adoption and rescue center. Its inhabitants will be available to a loving home through the Pixie Project's foster and adopt program after spending a little time settling in. Like their large cat counterparts, the Catio kitties receive enrichment and checkups from the zoo's top-notch animal care and veterinary staff.

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