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Wildlife Legacy Society

Your gift for the future.

Chimpanzee Daisy at Primate Forest

Wildlife Legacy Society members have expressed their commitment to the Oregon Zoo with a profound and meaningful form of financial support – they have named the Oregon Zoo Foundation as the beneficiary of an estate or a “planned” gift. Even after your lifetime, you can continue to make a difference for all the animals at the zoo with thoughtful planning.

Membership in the society includes an expression of our gratitude, an invitation to an annual luncheon with opportunities to learn about the programs society members support, and other exclusive donor events and previews.

Please notify us of your intent to make a gift so that we can thank you for your generosity and to ensure that we will be able to follow your wishes. We look forward to welcoming you into the Wildlife Legacy Society and celebrating you today for the support you are providing to the zoo tomorrow and well into the future. 

Do you have any questions? Please contact Natalie Neshyba at 503-914-6029 or email to learn more!