Pub Talk: Get Stuck on the Pacific Lamprey

November 13, 2019 - 07:00pm

Learn about wildlife field conservation over dinner and drinks at the zoo!

While they might not be the cuddliest critter at the Oregon Zoo, they are certainly the oldest.

Dating back before dinosaurs, the Pacific Lamprey plays a vital role in the ecology, culture and watershed health of the Pacific Northwest. Christina Wang, from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and Jeremy FiveCrows, from the Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission, will talk about this fascinating ancient fish as we celebrate their arrival at the zoo.

Join us for this Pub Talk and we're sure that you'll get stuck on the Pacific Lamprey! 

Oregon Zoo Pub Talks are fun, educational events that help support the zoo’s mission of creating a better future for wildlife through animal welfare, education and conservation programs. Pub Talks connect you with experts who are actively working on species recovery efforts. Each month, these conservation, animal care or wildlife science professionals share their knowledge and experience saving animals across the planet, from the forests of Borneo to the skies and seas of the Pacific Northwest.

Pub Talks are held in the Cascade Crest building, with food and beverages available for purchase at the Cascade Grill. We encourage you to take public transport to the zoo, which is located five minutes from downtown Portland, and is accessible by MAX Light Rail line. Visit Explore Washington Park for transportation and parking information.

Join us for a drink and a behind the scenes look at the Oregon Zoo’s conservation efforts!

Remaining tickets will be sold at the zoo's gate.

Pub Talks are made possible by the Oregon Zoo Foundation's Education Endowment, which is generously funded by Oregon Zoo members and donors.