Pub Talk: Human-Elephant Coexistence in Sabah, Borneo

October 11, 2019 - 07:00pm

Learn about wildlife field conservation over dinner and drinks at the zoo!

In the biologically rich forests of Borneo, Dr. Farina Othman is exploring creative ways to reduce human-elephant conflicts. As the native forests are cleared to grow crops, elephants are forced to graze in farms and palm oil plantations, sometimes with tragic results.

To manage the conflicts between people and elephants, the Sabah government and its conservation partners are working to develop a management conservation strategy based on elephant biology and hard evidence, rather than false assumptions. Dr. Othman, a native Malaysian with a Ph.D. in Conservation Biology and Genetics, is on the frontlines of these efforts.

The Oregon Zoo invites you to an evening with Dr. Othman as she shares efforts underway to save the wild elephants of Borneo. Learn how you can join the journey to make Borneo a better place for elephants.

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Oregon Zoo Pub Talks are fun, educational events that help support the zoo’s mission of creating a better future for wildlife through animal welfare, education and conservation programs. Pub Talks connect you with experts who are actively working on species recovery efforts. Each month, these conservation, animal care or wildlife science professionals share their knowledge and experience saving animals across the planet, from the forests of Borneo to the skies and seas of the Pacific Northwest.

Pub Talks are free to attend with zoo admission, and are held in the Cascade Crest building, with food and beverages available for purchase at the Cascade Grill. We encourage you to take public transport to the zoo, which is located five minutes from downtown Portland, and is accessible by MAX Light Rail line. Visit Explore Washington Park for transportation and parking information. 

Join us for a drink and a behind the scenes look at the Oregon Zoo’s conservation efforts!

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