Support the zoo

It takes a substantial amount of resources to maintain the Oregon Zoo's high level of excellence, and even more to continually increase standards of animal care, education and environmental sustainability.

Your support is vital

Community involvement and support are vital to ensuring that the Oregon Zoo continues to thrive and be a resource for all. Gifts to the Oregon Zoo Foundation, both large and small, make it possible to:

  • develop new, world-class exhibits that benefit both animals and visitors
  • pioneer new methods of animal enrichment
  • provide excellent educational programming
  • implement innovative sustainability programs
  • participate in groundbreaking conservation research
  • increase community access to the zoo
  • invest in highly-skilled staff

Learn more about how a gift to the Oregon Zoo Foundation's annual fund helps us continually set new standards for animal welfare.

The Oregon Zoo and the Oregon Zoo Foundation wish to thank everyone who generously supports the zoo's efforts to create a better future for wildlife.

Additional ways to give

Conservation Circle

Conservation Circle members comprise the premier membership group for the Oregon Zoo, with annual contributions starting at $1,000. Members are those who support wildlife conservation, education, environmental sustainability and a financially strong future for the zoo.

Planned Giving and Gifts of Securities

You love wildlife—its diversity and its beauty—and know that each animal contributes to the health of our planet. With thoughtful gift planning, you can ensure that even after your lifetime, you can continue to make a difference for the animals at the Oregon Zoo and for all the earth's inhabitants.